Friday, December 10, 2010

My Two-Cents on Brittany the Vampire Slayer

I told myself that I would post less about Glee because I'm afraid it's overtaking my blog, but this story was too interesting to ignore. Apparently, those in charge of the reboot of the 1992 movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer are looking at my favorite Cheerio to take over the iconic role.

On paper, Heather Morris could be an interesting choice because she's shown that she has good comic timing and the athletic background for the action sequences. My only hesitation is her acting chops. There's no doubt that HeMo can kill with a well-timed one-liner on Glee, but heading a major movie (and a reboot of a major franchise) requires a different skill set. Season 2 has fleshed out Brittany a bit more, so we're seeing more of what Heather can do, but there's still room for growth.

Skepticism is also slightly heightened when you take the backlash factor into consideration. While I love Glee, I can also acknowledge that some people loathe it and feel it's been overexposed and has been shoved down our collective throats. Glee haters will automatically pan the decision and this could lead to some harsh criticism, and this project doesn't need any more ill will. Die-hard Buffy fans let their rage be known when they learned that the reboot would be Whedon free.

I kind of understand the fans being upset, but I think they forget that they're rebooting the movie and not the TV series. While the two share similar components, they are not one in the same. Now, if the CW was planning on recreating the TV show without Joss, then they'd have a legit complaint. Plus, he passed up on the opportunity to be involved anyway so people need to chill out. If Heather gets attached to the project, I just hope people don't judge and/or blame her based on the outcome. Hopefully, Joss' appreciation (at 1:41 mark) for Brittany will convince some Slayer fans to cut her a break.

Right now, it's a little crazy to speculate since it's only a story on a movie blog, and there's always a chance that it's just a rumor or execs throwing out ideas, but it's kind of fun to think about. I know that I'd support the decision to hire Heather 100% because I'm in love with her, but she could surprise us all and actually be a good Buffy. Who knows?

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