Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Two-Cents on the new WAC

The summer of 2010 was when the face of college football started to change. Nebraska and Colorado left for new homes, which in a lot of ways started the mass migration that other schools made. One of the semi-big moves occurred when Boise State decided to leave the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) for the Mountain West Conference, which would have made the MWC a decent league until Utah bolted for the new Pac-12 and BYU decided to become an Independent/member of the West Coast Conference.

To make up for the loses, the MWC decided to poach other WAC schools, Fresno State and Nevada-Reno who will join the conference in 2012. Once it's all said and done, the WAC would go from nine members to six, and in order to make up for the defections the conference decided to add more schools. Today it was announced that Texas State University-San Marcos, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and the University of Denver will join in 2012.

Since I have ties to Texas State (current employer) and UTSA (alma mater), I should be pumped that these two schools are making the jump to Division I-A from I-AA, but I have to admit that I'm hesitant about the Roadrunners and Bobcats being added to the WAC. Texas State has had a somewhat successful football program over the years, so their promotion to the big leagues (kind of) made sense, and it could be a major player once Bobcat Stadium finishes its expansion. The Roadrunners on the other hand, not so much.

Don't get me wrong, I love my school and I was pumped when I learned that we'd finally be getting a football team. The thing is the UTSA football program will have been competing for one season before going from a FCS Independent to the WAC. I wasn't expecting a winning season for a few seasons if the Runners stayed in the Southland Conference, and now that they're in a semi-major conference I'm even less confident that they'll be successful.

I knew that UTSA wanted to move up to the FBS as soon as possible, but I never thought they'd be joining a conference like the WAC. I figured they'd follow in the footsteps of other recent call-ups (Florida Atlantic, Western Kentucky) and join the Sunbelt Conference, which in my opinion would have been a better fit. Oh well.

Either way, it's nothing but good news for all three schools because having the chance to play on a bigger stage should help their images at the national level. Yes, I'm still worried about how competitive they'll be but I'm also excited to see what happens.

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