Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New Cinderella: TCU Horned Frogs

The newest batch of BCS Rankings came out this past Sunday, and at least it's matching up with the human polls by having Oregon at No. 1. Whether I agree with the rankings is another story, but it looks like as the season goes on the less likely Boise State will be in the BCS National Title Game since both Auburn and TCU have jumped over the Broncos.

I don't want to give the impression that I'm jumping off the Boise State bandwagon because I still want them in the title game, but I'm going to have to start supporting the Horned Frogs as my Cinderella team since it looks like they have a better chance at doing the impossible.

When you look at the remaining games on both schedules, BSU really only has one test left in No. 23 Nevada, which in all reality shouldn't be much of a challenge. On the flip side, TCU plays No. 5 Utah this weekend. If both teams win in convincing fashion, a win over a No. 5 team will always trump a win over a No. 23 team, and TCU could be vaulted to No. 2 in the BCS.

There's still the wholly unlikely, but equally as awesome, scenario where TCU and Boise State win out while Oregon and Auburn crash and burn which could lead to a third straight TCU vs. Boise State showdown. Only this time it would be for the National Championship. Now, I doubt the voters would let such a game take place, but it's cool to think about.

What it comes down to is I want a team from a non-automatic qualifying conference to crash the BCS party mostly because of the chaos it would create. It would also be a great story both teams have earned over the course of the last couple of seasons. Unfortunately, we're probably in store for yet another SEC vs. Big 12/Big Ten title game. Yawn.

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