Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Two-Cents on 2010's First BCS Rankings

The first BCS Rankings for the 2010 NCAA college football season came out tonight, and while it didn't make too much sense, it really wasn't surprising either which is the MO of the Bowl Championship Series:

BCS Top Five
1. Oklahoma (6-0)
2. Oregon (6-0)
3. Boise State (6-0)
4. Auburn (7-0)
5. TCU (7-0)

The reason why the initial BCS Rankings don't make sense is a team that is ranked below two other teams in the major polls, somehow is on top of the BCS standings (Oklahoma). Logically that doesn't add up. Common sense would dictate that Oregon and Boise State would be ranked higher because every poll that matters agree that they're the top two teams in the country. It's a good thing that college football doesn't thrive on common sense.

With that being said, I'm not shocked that a team from one of the power conferences leap frogged the team from a non-automatic qualifying conference. College football wants a school from the Big 12, SEC, or the Big Ten in the BCS Championship Game every single year because the sport is not about competition; it's about money, and these big time conferences bring in the big bucks. Until the model changes, schools like Boise State and TCU will always be on the outside looking in.

I'm not saying that the Broncos should be the BCS #1, Oregon is on top of a pretty tough conference, but they probably should be No. 2, but I'm sure they're happy with being in the Top 3 since no other NAQ school has started out this high. Unfortunately, I have a feeling BSU is going to end up getting screwed despite what history tells us.

I don't see Oregon going undefeated, so they will drop out of the Top 2 before season's end, but even if Boise runs the table and wins all of its games, the BCS formula will find a way to keep them out of the big game. If Auburn wins the SEC, they will automatically jump over the Broncos, even if they lose a game along the way.

In all reality, the only way Boise plays for the National Championship is if they go undefeated, Auburn stumbles often, Oklahoma loses the Big 12 Title Game, and Oregon loses the Civil War Game to Oregon State. It sounds like a daunting task that requires a perfect storm of variable to line up, but that's how the BCS wants it. They want it to impossible for Boise State to crack into the Top 2, which is a shame.

People will always point at Boise's weak conference as justification to keep them out, which could be valid but since 2007 they've beaten both of the teams ranked above them (Oregon twice) yet they'll never be treated as equals. We don't know if the Broncos could beat an SEC or a Big Ten team, but we'll never know if the BCS doesn't give them the chance to.

The BCS really doesn't have anything to lose by letting Boise in the title game. If the Broncos win, then we have one of the biggest Cinderella stories ever; if they lose, then they're the cupcake everyone thought they were. No harm, no foul. Oh wait, they'd hypothetically lose millions of dollars and a powerhouse school would be all pissy...never mind.

Is Boise State the best college football team in the country? Probably not. Have they earned the right to be taken seriously? Definitely. Will they ever get their shot at glory? Outlook looks hazy. Ask again later. Despite everything stacked against them, I'm still rooting for the Broncos and I hope I'm wrong because seeing them in the BCS Title Game would be epic. If the Broncos could beat Oklahoma or Oregon AGAIN, or stun a team like Auburn for the National Title, the college football world would be chaotic and even more fun than it already is.


  1. I really want a Boise State vs Oregon National Title game, but I doubt that will ever happen. Plus, being a Trojan, i gotta hold out hope we can take the Ducks down. It's a long shot, but you never know!

  2. I wouldn't mind a Boise St. vs. Oregon game, if the Broncos hadn't beaten the Ducks two years in a row. The Ducks will probably lose at least two games anyway. I'd much rather see the Broncos play a Big Ten or SEC team just to shut everyone up.