Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies

College football has kicked off, network TV is about to come out of hibernation, which means fall is on its way. Another sign of fall is the shift from mostly blockbuster filling the megaplexes to more award worthy fare.

While not all fall movies are Oscar contenders, and summer flicks aren't all popcorn movies (see Inception), this is the time of year when the quality of films tick upward. Here are my Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies:

5. Easy A (September 17)
This Scarlett Letter inspired teen comedy doesn't seem like the kind of movie I'd like, but I'm drawn to Emma Stone, and I've liked the movies I've seen her in. This is obviously not going to be the type of movie to gain a lot of Oscar nominations, but it could be fun.

4. The Company Men (October 22)
When you look at the cast of The Company Men, it's a who's who of Oscar winners (Kevin Costner, Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, & Ben Affleck). The downsizing drama has the chance to be an intimate look at the struggles many face today, and could do some business if people can get over their uncalled for Affleck hatred.

3. Let Me In (October 1)
Like almost everyone who watched the Swedish original, Let the Right One In, I was skeptical about the American remake, but some gripping trailers and positive word of mouth has me buying into this movie. I'm not expecting it to be near as good as the original, but Let Me In could surprise some people.

2. The Town (September 17)
Another Affleck headlined movie, but this time he's behind the camera, and if The Town if half as good as Gone Baby Gone, then I'm all in (well, I was all in to begin with but I digress). Ben's sophomore effort has been gaining a lot of buzz, and he could actually out do himself. Some are complaining that the trailer gave too much away, but it's obvious that the story is about more than just a bank robber and a hostage. Again, I hope people can look past their distaste for Affleck to check this one out.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (November 19)
Seriously, which other film would I have at the top of this list? I'm sad to the saga finally come to an end, but I have a feeling that Deathly Hallows is going to be a fitting send off.

Outside of these five films, there seems to be slim pickings this fall, and I'm curious to see which 10 movies are going to get Best Picture nominations. I think Inception is a given, but I can't think of nine other movies to join in. Stupid Academy and their uncalled for Dark Knight rule.


  1. I'm excited for most of those too (I just feel like The Town is all hype right now. And after watching the trailer, I kind of feel like I've seen the whole plot already).

    Also, I'm really looking forward to The Social Network, Red, and Hereafter. Social Network has crazy buzz around it with some critics calling it basically perfect. Red looked good at Comic Con, but it hasn't gotten a big marketing push yet.

  2. I still think there's more to The Town than what was in the trailer, but I agree they gave too much away.

    I have no desire to see The Social Network. I just don't care enough about Facebook or its founder to watch it. I'm sure it's great; it just doesn't interest me.