Monday, September 20, 2010

My New Big 12 Conference

I know that the hub bub around conference realignment in college football has died down now that the season has started, but TCU's shellacking of Baylor this weekend prompted me to share my thoughts on how the new Big 12 should look like.

If I had my way, Baylor wouldn't have been a part of the Big 12 to begin with and TCU would have been a conference member from the get go. Since it doesn't look like the Bears are ever going to leave the conference, I'd love to see TCU rejoin its old Southwest Conference cohorts. Adding TCU could bring in more fans from the DFW market, and give the program some legitimacy which could lead them to the BCS Title game.

Another school I'd look at adding would be another ex-SWC member, Arkansas. While I doubt the Razorbacks would ever leave the SEC, they would be a natural fit with the rest of the Big 12 schools. Plus, I've read that there are rumors that the school is interested in joining anyway, so you never know.

Now, you may be wondering why I'd add two "Southern" schools to the Big 12 since the conference lost two North Division members and still has all 6 South Division teams. I'd make some minor changes to the divisions, which would have the Big 12 South consist of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, and Oklahoma. The Big 12 North would then have Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, and Iowa State as members.

Ideally, I'd have OU and OKSt in the same division, but geographically splitting them up made the most sense. Plus, the new Big 12 could have a Big Ten scenario where they could have the rivals meet twice a year, once for the Bedlam Game and once for the Big 12 Championship.

If the new Big 12 can't get Arkansas, then they can just add another Texas school like the University of Houston, Rice, SMU, or UTEP. U of H would be the best choice out of that motley crew, although adding SMU brings in another natural rivalry between them and TCU. Adding two Texas schools could create an all TX Big 12 South with OU joining the rest in the Big 12 North. What will not happen is smaller schools like Texas State or UTSA being added to the Big 12.

So, in a perfect world that's how the Big 12 Conference would look like, and it just might. It'll get interesting once Colorado and Nebraska officially take off, and good riddance because we all know the Big 12 South is what really matters.

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