Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Two-Cents on the new Let Me In Trailer

More information and trailers are coming out for Let Me In, the American remake of a great Swedish vampire film. I've never hidden my reluctance to give Let Me In a chance since I felt the U.S. version was premature and unnecessary, but I've found myself warming up to the idea especially after seeing the trailers.

The first two trailers that I've checked out seem to keep true to the original's tone and visual style, which I was afraid were going to be the first elements tossed aside. Let Me In also has its own spin on the source material, which seems to work in the small doses we've been given. This movie could exceed my expectations, which albeit were not too hight to start with.

I still find myself torn when it comes to Let Me In because Let the Right One In was so close to perfect that it should stand alone. On the other hand, the truth is there are too many Americans that will never give foreign movies a shot for what ever reason, and I'd rather have a remake expose a wider audience to the story than have them miss out altogether.

There's only one Let the Right One In, but its bastardized American clone could surprises us all, and I'll be happy if it does. If it's not as good, well that's what I was expecting to begin with so no loss I suppose.

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