Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Own Cop Out

Two months ago, I blogged about how I have outgrown Kevin Smith and his brand of cinema, but I was willing to give him another shot by checking out his new flick, Cop Out. I thought the first trailer had some amusing moments, and the red-band trailer was even better, but after reading some reviews on, I'm not so sure I'm willing to pay to see this movie.

Usually, I take critic reviews with a grain of salt, but I do pay attention to a movie's Tomatometer Rating mostly because I'm somewhat of a movie snob, and I refuse to waste my time on crappy movies (despite the lapse in judgement I suffered when I watched G.I. Joe). As you can see, the critics are destroying Smith's Cop Out, and it's quickly become his lowest rated movie ever (as a director), which is kind of funny because I'm betting it's going to be his biggest box office total ever.

While I really can't consider myself a Kevin Smith fan any more, I'm still going to root for the guy, and I hope his next project is successful, but I'll probably wait to catch this flick on an airplane. You never know, maybe then I might get to watch it with Kevin himself assuming we're not flying Southwest.


  1. You should check out instead of Rotten Tomatoes. I interned there, so I'm a bit biased. But, I do think RT's tomatometer places reviews on the extremes and that's why there are such high scores in the 95%+ and such low scores 10%-. I think MRI spreads the love out a bit more evenly in their rating system.