Monday, December 14, 2009

My Former Favorite Time of Year

For the longest time the Hollywood Awards Season (Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.) used to be my favorite time of year right behind college football, but I'm not at jazzed about this time around as I used to be.  I think part of it has to do with the fact that I'm not too excited with most of the films that are getting all of the buzz (Precious, Nine for example)

I think another factor in my indifference is the fact that I'm not really on board with the Academy upping the number of Best Picture nods to 10 (informally known as the Dark Knight Rule).  People felt that blockbusters are always snubbed for artsy-fartsy pictures, and that leads to lower ratings for the Academy Awards broadcast.  The solution that was suggested was let's just add five more spots.

Now, I really liked The Dark Knight, but I didn't think it should have been considered for Best Picture, so I personally think the 10 BP noms is unnecessary, and a little bit overkill.  I also wonder if it's actually going to make much of a difference.  The BFCA Critics' Choice Awards nominees came out, and if their list is any indication, the big blockbusters may be left out of the Oscar race yet again.  The movies that were supposed to benefit from the DK rule (Star Trek, The Hangover) were relegated to their niche categories, and I'm fine with that.

The Critics' Choice Awards have been using the 10-nominee format for some time, if not forever, and I look at them as the blue print for what the Academy wants to accomplish.  I also think their use of broader categories such as Best Comedy and Best Action Film should've been adopted by the Oscars rather than adding five more BP noms.  I would have also been happy if the Oscars copied the Golden Globes, and split the nominees into BP-Drama and BP-Comedy/Musical.  Having all ten under the same category just seems like a clusterfrick.

Plus, I'm a movie snob, and while I liked Star Trek and The Hangover, having them compete and possibly beat a more gripping drama just seems wrong.  The Academy Awards should be about honoring the best artistic films rather than pandering to the ones that made the most money or are more popular.  We have the MTV Movie Awards to recognize the blockbusters.

So for me, the awards season has kicked off with a whimper.  I'm just not getting that excited buzz that usually comes with the golden statues, and maybe it's because of there aren't any movies that are really standing out to me even though this has been dubbed one of the best years for films in a while.  Maybe it's because I'm still unhappy with the extra five BP noms...yeah, I think that's it.

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