Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Reluctance to Let in 'Let Me In'

Production on Let Me In officially started, and while I knew it was coming, part of me was hoping this movie didn't get off of the ground.

For those who do not know, Let Me In is an American remake of one of the best vampire movies to come out in the last five to ten years, Let The Right One In.  Wait, you haven't heard of Let The Right One In?  Figures.  Last year, while so many people were getting wrapped up in the Twilight buzz, a small (and far superior) vamp flick came out of Sweden, and it fell on deaf ears because a lot of Americans do not have the patience to follow a character driven, slower paced, foreign film.  It's kind of sad really.

I even remember while watching Let The Right One In I thought to myself that a remake was not far behind, which is a shame because the original is so good, and I doubt a Hollywood knock-off will do it justice.  I'm just afraid that the film will be tweaked to satisfy a larger American audience, and all of the elements that worked in the Swedish version will be removed or butchered.  Regardless, the remake is happening.

Maybe, just maybe, this remake could stay true to the original's arthouse roots, and a larger audience will have the chance to see a pretty great story.  I'm also trying to take comfort in the fact that they're remaking a really good film rather than retreading some other dreck that's out there.  While I'm skeptical about Let Me In, I'm sure it will still be better than New Moon, and that's enough for me to support it even if I do so reluctantly.

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