Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Two-Cents on Bond, James Bond

Quantum of Solace was a nice follow-up to Casino Royale,but it did not reach the high bar that was set by its predecessor.Sure, this installment has some great action sequences, fights, andamazingly hot women, but it really didn't add much to this new Bond.

Thestory was a little weak, and the villain was not as menacing as otherbaddies that have been introduced to cinema, but they serve theirpurposes. It's been said that QoS isthe second part of a Bond trilogy, and that's what it feels like. Youget some closure, but ultimately it's a bridge to the next chapter,which should be on par with Casino Royale.

Solace's strengthrelies again on Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond. He's still brooding,vengeful, and dark but still a badass. He's also able to toss in somewell-timed dark humor, which is never a bad thing. I know that I'mtotally biased and uninformed, but Craig's Bond is by far the best inmy book (NOTE: I've never seen a Connery Bond film, so let's not evendebate). This is not your father's Bond, but that's a good thingbecause the character has new life. I love how people are bitchingabout the new Bond is more like Jason Bourne than the Bond of old, butwasn't that the point of the reboot? I have three words for them: getover it. It's kind of like people saying they prefer George Clooney'sBatman over Christian Bale's.

Overall, Quantum of Solace is no where close to being as good as Casino Royale, but I was still entertained, and I'm looking forward to Bond 23, and isn't that the point of a good franchise.

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